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BURN180 Original

BURN180 Original

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Start training like a pro athlete. The BURN180 system has been developed and refined based on real feedback from Professional Athletes. 

The best part is our simplicity. The BURN180 system takes less than 30 seconds to set up and less than 10 seconds to take down.

For strength, rehab, and muscle memory motions, BURN180 gives you a complete and total workout.

The BURN180 system is all centered around our mobile, patent-pending vacuum mount. Position your BURN180 vacuum mount on any flat, non porous surface and target specific muscle groups depending on where you mount your unit. The BURN180 system allows you to adjust weight resistance in seconds from 25lb up to 130lb of resistance (can be used up to 180lb maximum resistance load). You are not restricted to just your own body weight like other training systems. Mounts securely in seconds and can be removed in seconds. Minimal size and weight provides a perfect workout companion when traveling. 


--Burn180 vacuum mount
--Two handle grips
--Too ankle straps
--Two 25lb resistance bands
--Two 40lb resistance bands


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The BURN180 system is all centered around our movable, commercial-grade positioning cup. Position your resistance training pretty much anywhere—for specific muscle groups or stabilizer muscles that have a major impact on muscle development and growth.


We've got all the range you need. BURN180 bands can be resistance-adjusted from 10 lbs. to 130 lbs. And for next-level training, you can also purchase additional bands for a maximum resistance of 180 lbs.


Our BURN180 Training System uses only the highest quality products and materials that are "overbuilt" to provide you durability and comfort. Our ankle straps are highly padded with the added use of thick neoprene. Our hand grips are triple stitched and use a handle with texture for increased grip.


The BURN180 Speed & Agility Belt came from the requests of our pro athletes using the BURN180 system. The athletes wanted the ability to take advantage of resistance training to increase their on field speed, balance, and agility for enhanced performance. With the full rotational ability of the Belt you can make simulated on field "cut" movements in a complete 360 fashion. A great accessory item, especially for those involved in football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and all sports requiring quickness and agility training.


The PRO Stick was developed to add to the functionality of your BURN180 PRO. Whether for general fitness training to use in rowing or weight presses to golf and baseball training in swing development. The PRO Stick is the "tool" of choice for most of our professional athletes using the BURN180 PRO system. Due to the variable resistance it provides you will get maximum "core" workouts employing the PRO Stick into your routines. Unlike other similar training devises the PRO Stick weighs in under 6 oz and telescopes to fit everybody from 25.5" collapsed to 42.5" fully extended.