When I first received my set of BURN180 PRO bands I thought they might have some effect on targeting small muscle groups. I found myself using them more and more to where they became a part of my everyday fitness routine while on the road. They are actually affecting both large and small muscle groups and end up being one hell of an aerobic workout as well.

They work GREAT by simply attaching them to the side of our tour bus and getting in a quick 20 to 30 minute routine each morning. In fact, it has become a staple regiment for my band mates, personal trainer, and myself now seeing five BURN180 units attached to the bus with tunes blasting and each of us sucking it up until we hit maximum burn.

In fact, we used to travel with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. on the road. Now you just see us sucking it up on the side of the bus each morning. And yes, they have even carried over to me using at home as part of my at home fitness routine. All I can say is BURN baby BURN!

Chase Rice

Country Music Artist

The BURN180 system has helped me tremendously during rigorous weeks of playing on the PGA Tour. It has helped me with my fitness and recovery on and off the course, allowing me to gain distance, swing with better positions, and limit injuries.

The BURN plate is so versatile, mobile, and light weight it makes it easy to travel and still be able to get my workouts in when sometimes gym access can be limited.

Happy to join Team BURN180!

Sahith Theegala

PGA Tour Professional

"My first time using BURN180, I knew instantly that it was a game changer. The BURN I got from the versatility of this product is what caught my attention the most. There's so many workouts and drills you can do to get an efficient workout in. This product will elevate your game to another level, just like it did to mine."

Nate Meadors

Professional Football Player